Topless Kate Upton Is Leveled by a Wave During Photo Shoot

The Layover star Kate Upton will go to great lengths to be sexy during her photo shoots, and that includes challenging nature. Unfortunately, at a recent Sports Illustrated shoot, nature won, as a giant wave knocked Upton flat on her back. To make matters even more embarassing, she was topless at the time. That didn't stop SI from posting video of the incident on Instagram, though.

Via Page Six.

An unexpected wave took Kate Upton down during her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition shoot.

“The next coming wave didn’t look that large from my point of view but it must have hit the rock just right,” the model, 25, said in a video on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Instagram account posted Tuesday. “The skirt with all the tulle, whenever it’s wet is very heavy and dragged me down.”

Upton, who was posing on top of a rock in Aruba for the sexy shoot in October, was wearing just a long, tiered, tulle skirt with her hands covering her breasts.

“Everybody was very scared,” the model added, even though photos showed that Upton recovered quickly.

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